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Our services

What makes us competitive

Trucks around Europe​

Coverage through all major cities and surrounding areas! Using our own fleet of vehicle and wide net of proven contractors.

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Delivery in a day​

You can expect your shipment the next day in domestic routes and from 3 days in international connections. We provide door to door delivery.

No distribution centers

As your goods do not leave a truck until recieving, we garanteed no damages. You can expect safe and rapid delivery.

Tailor made solutions

Personal specialist for every customer. So our team is adopted to your requirements and your shipment in good hands.

Our team

Our specialists start workdays being ready for your challenges to make logistics simple for you

Freight transportation – is an important stage in the logistics chain, and the right choice of transport company can make this process as efficient and reliable as possible. The UA-Forwarding company specializes in the transportation of various types of goods and provides clients with the widest range of services on favorable terms.

Transportation performed by UA-Forwarding company

For our team, there are no restrictions: regardless of the remoteness of the point of departure and arrival, the length of the route, the condition of the road surface or seasonal factors, we will create the optimal format for the delivery of goods and offer up-to-date transport.

All cargoes are insured in accordance with the official contract for services. An extended insurance program with additional options is available if required.

International transportation

Our logistics company offers clients turnkey process organization. The following services are available:

  • dispatch of collective cargo;
  • complex order of the machine for 33 pallets;
  • brokerage services, including full support.

We organize delivery to Germany, Poland, Hungary and other EU countries, as well as Turkey, Azerbaijan or Georgia. Our specialists will provide detailed information about the specifics of international transportation and current restrictions, and most importantly, they will competently think through the logistics of the future route so that the consignment of goods arrives at the final destination exactly on time.

Transportation across Ukraine

The UA-Forwarding team organizes fast delivery of all types of cargo by regional routes. It is possible to use accompanying transport or to order collective shipment. We will help to organize the moving of an apartment or office: from furniture and appliances to personal belongings.

The partner network covers all of Ukraine. If necessary, our clients can rent special equipment, or order services for loading, unloading and packing products in any part of the country – and on favorable terms.

What cargoes should be transported by UA-Forwarding

Own vehicle fleet, established partnership interaction, as well as many years of experience in this field allow us to organize the transportation of all types of products.

Oversized loads

Furniture set, building materials or heavy equipment – our team ensures fast and safe delivery of any items. We use special means of transport, and most importantly, reliable fixation and high-quality packaging to guarantee the preservation of goods.

Fragile cargo

Glass, window structures, dishes, as well as other types of products made of easily broken materials, require special care and attention to details. Correct handling of this product category – a guarantee that all products will arrive at the destination in an undamaged condition.

Non-standard designs

We will prepare individual logistics solutions, as well as work out the transportation process down to the smallest details, so that complex cargoes arrive at the recipient on time. Entrusting us with freight transportation, senders are 100% sure of the result.


The delivery of medicines requires speed, as well as compliance with the strictest standards and storage conditions. Our specialists will make sure that all the requirements stated by the sender are met. This makes it possible to carry out cargo transportation of medicines safely and on time.


We work with any product categories, including dangerous and explosive goods that require special care and compliance with safety regulations. There are different categories of vehicles in the fleet, which allows you to ensure the correct transportation of cargo.

Vehicle delivering goods

Properly organized transport fleet – it is a key factor in ensuring successful regional and international cargo transportation. Various categories of trucks are available to our customers, including:

  • They trawled. For large-sized and heavy constructions, they are equipped with special platforms and devices for reliable fixation or movement of construction equipment, metal structures, as well as other massive loads.
  • Vans. A universal solution with a closed body, which is excellent for transporting various types of products. They provide protection against weather conditions and other external factors.
  • Cars. Designed for large volumes and capable of transporting a variety of goods, ranging from food to building materials.
  • Tent. Models with an open body and the possibility of installing a canopy. Suitable for various tasks, including bulk cargo.
  • On-board trucks. An open body with sides facilitates loading and unloading.
  • Refrigerators. Indispensable for transporting perishable goods: agricultural products, as well as medical preparations. They ensure a constant temperature inside the body.

The carrying capacity of vehicles represented in our fleet varies from 2.5 to 22 tons. We will make sure that the delivery of cargo is not only prompt, but also profitable – we rationally approach the choice of transport, in accordance with the specifics of the transported products, as well as the customer’s requirements.

UA Forwarding – a reliable partner in the field of freight transportation

Flexible and affordable prices combined with a responsible approach to work and professional transport logistics – guarantee of quality and safety. All this helps to meet the various needs of the market. Cooperation with our company is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • own car fleet;
  • insurance of all types of cargo;
  • loyal cost of services;
  • a comprehensive approach.

A personal manager works with each client: from the preliminary agreement of terms to the arrival of the products at the final point and the closing of the deal. Our team will take care of the details and carefully think through every step to organize cargo movements, groupage shipments, or transportation of items – apartment and office moves.

Reliable transport company – it’s mobility and professionalism. And by cooperating with UA-Forwarding, clients are free from hassles and additional tasks – our team will provide a full range of services.