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What we can help you with


Wide routes network

Hight demand on LTL shipping helped us to develop wide routes network with even suburbs and surrounding areas.


Flexible fares

Prices from 250 EUR for pallet under 500 kg. Transport more pallets, get lower price per one!


Door to door delivery

There is no need for you to bring your goods to the station. We pick up your freight from the warehouse or manufacture and deliver right to a consignee.


Delivery without terminales

As your goods do not leave a truck during transportation and we do not reload it, you can be sure that freight will be safe and sound.

How to start

Clarify the details, to get an offer on
cooperation in the field of international


What is next

Let us know the following:

  • nature of the goods, number of packages, gross weight, volume
  • destination (we do NOT deliver to Russia, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tadzhikistan (another continents as well)
  • custom details
  • date of taking over the goods
  • Contact our specialist for getting an offer on international delivery.


    Fares on international delivery:

  • one pallet - from 250€
  • Could not find particular fare? Contact us for details.

    Rules and payment

    Cooperation is regulated by contract. We suggest making an order on international transportations of cargoes before 2-3 days before dispatch.

    Payment date – freight arrival to the custom for clearance.

    Any other rules and details you can find in contract draft by the link.

    Insurance and responsibility

    We are material responsible for all cargoes according to the contract for transport services. In addition, we issue insurance on your demand for domestic transportation or international routes.

    Not only large manufacturers and distributors are faced with the issue of cargo transportation. Representatives of medium and small businesses also have to organize the movement of goods, albeit on a smaller scale. In this case, the best solution – is to use the collective cargo service. The service allows you to transport small volumes of goods or materials without spending extra money on delivery. The development of effective logistics also allows to shorten transportation times.

    What is groupage

    Consolidated goods – this is the delivery of small batches of goods from different customers by one transport. Alternative name – consolidated cargo. The main advantage of this method of transportation – financial savings. Payment is made only for the actually occupied part of the car. The speed of sending depends on the speed of filling by volume or weight of the vehicle.

    Relating to groupage

    Completeness can include both artificial units of the product and container volumes. Packaging of orders from different customers, but with the same recipient, also belongs to the collective category.

    An important point of preparation is the assembly. Transportation of collective cargo takes place with mandatory sorting of goods or materials. Cargoes are combined in one car according to the following criteria:

    • storage conditions – ordinary or perishable.
    • type of cargo – dangerous or without features.
    • fragile/not.
    • dimensional parameters.

    The set comes with the obligatory consideration of the route – loading and unloading points. When planning the shipment of groupage cargo, the goal is to increase the economic benefits of transportation.

    Transportation of collective cargo

    Consolidated type of delivery is relevant both when transporting goods in Ukraine and European countries. What features are there in each case?

    Shipping of consolidated cargo to Europe

    Consolidated cargo is formed on the territory of Ukraine, taking into account the order of shipment abroad – from the starting point of the route to the final point. Import delivery takes place in the reverse order. This scheme is effective when sending cargo by separate car. When arranging logistics, we avoid overloads and distribution centers. From the moment of dispatch to the final destination, the packages do not leave the car. If the volume and nature of the cargo allow for additional loading, the shipment is sent by accompanying vehicles. You do not need to personally come to the company to transfer the cargo. UA-Forwarding specialists will pick up the shipment from your warehouse, manufacturer’s or supplier’s location. The transportation service also includes issues of customs clearance, preparation of relevant documents.

    Freight transportation of groupage across Ukraine

    Delivery of groupage cargo is in demand not only in the framework of international, but also regional transportation. Working in the domestic market, the question of transporting small batches of goods and materials of small volume also arises. It will be cheaper to organize delivery between populated areas of Ukraine by collective cargo than postal transportation. The main goal of consolidation – saving money and time. At the same time, we pay maximum attention to ensure that the goods reach their destination in integrity.

    Advantages and cost-effectiveness of groupage transportation

    The demand for consolidated shipments is due to the considerable advantages of this method of delivery:

    1. Economic benefit. This is the best option for irregular transportation of a small volume or quantity of goods. The service is also in demand in cases where one car is not enough, and two – already too much Using collective shipments, the useful plane is optimized. In this way, you can save up to 30-40% of the total cost of transportation.
    2. Reduction of delivery time due to optimization of logistics. The moment is relevant for both the supplier and the seller. It is possible to deliver a small batch of goods by loading it onto a vehicle traveling along the required route.
    3. The issue of accompanying documentation is decided by the carrier company.
    4. If necessary, the cargo undergoes additional packaging or repackaging.
    5. Dense packaging eliminates the possibility of chaotic cargo movement.

    Where it is profitable to order transportation of groupage

    Transport company UA-Forwarding carries out cargo transportation of various types in Ukraine and abroad. We offer high-quality service and a favorable cost of delivery. Transportation of small batches of goods – it is not only a solution to the issue of logistics and actual transportation. We prepare the accompanying documents, we are responsible for the correctness and reliability of the packaging. The service of collective cargo is in demand among entrepreneurs, small companies and manufacturers, shops. We make transportation safe, and the service – pleasant!