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What we can help you with


Trucks with carrying capacity from 2 to 22 tons

Our logisticians have varied types of trucks to manage your orders. It helps us offering you better price since we provide you a proper truck.


Oversized freights, ADR, pereshable goods

We have solutions for transporting oversized freights and freights which need refrigarator or permissions.


Movers and packaging

Our partners can help you with loading and packaging if you don`t have warehouse staff.


Special equipment rental

If you don`t have your own equipment we provide hourly rental of truck crane.

How to start

Clarify the details, to get an offer on
cooperation in the field of international


What is next

Let us know the following:

  • nature of the goods, number of packages, gross weight, volume
  • destination
  • date of taking over the goods
  • added servises
  • Contact our specialist for getting an offer on delivery.


    Fares per km:

  • up to 2t - from 10 ₴/km
  • up to 6t - від 20 ₴/km
  • up to 10t - від 30 ₴/km
  • up to 22t - від 35 ₴/km
  • one pallet place - from 1800 ₴
  • Truck sizes by the link

    Could not find particular fare? Contact us for details.

    Rules and payment

    Cooperation is regulated by contract. We suggest making an order on international transportations of cargoes the day before dispatching.

    Payment time - before unloading.

    Any other rules and details you can find in contract draft by the link.

    Fleet and fares

    2.5 tones

    from 10
    • LхWхH: 4,2х2х2 m
    • 5 pallets, 18 m3
    • tent, van, open-top, fridge

    5 tones

    from 20
    • LхWхH: 6,5х2,45х2,6 m
    • 16 pallets, 40 m3
    • tent, container, tail lift, fridge

    10 tones

    from 30
    • LхWхH: 8х2,45х2,7 m
    • 20 pallets 60 m3
    • tent, container, tail lift, fridge

    22 tones

    from 35
    • LхWхH: 13,6х2,45х2,8 m
    • 33 pallets 86 m3
    • tent, container, fridge, mega-truck

    Insurance and responsibility

    We are material responsible for all cargoes according to the contract for transport services. In addition, we issue insurance on your demand for domestic transportation or international routes.

    The Kyiv-Dnipro route is always in demand – it is an important transport route that ensures the functioning of business, industry and trade in the region. Distance between cities – about 480 kilometers, which is why road transportation across Ukraine remains the most popular way of delivering goods: from small parcels to large and heavy goods.

    Kyiv-Dnipro freight transportation: types of cargo transported by the UA Forwarding company

    Own fleet – it is an opportunity to offer customers the widest range of services, successfully fulfilling orders of various volume and complexity. Popular requests include:

    Fuel transportation

    Ensures the supply of various types of fuel: oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and propane – to places of consumption, such as gas stations, industrial enterprises. The Dnipro-Kyiv route is in great demand, and transportation is carried out by special tankers and tanks that ensure safety and efficiency of delivery.

    Delivery of bulk cargo

    Building materials, grain or other categories of goods are transported in special containers or trucks with an open body. It is important to observe the strictest safety measures to prevent loss of cargo in transit.

    Freight transportation of food products

    Fresh or frozen foods, beverages, dry food products and other categories – all this requires compliance with strict hygiene standards, as well as maintaining a certain temperature regime. Special refrigerators and containers ensure preservation and freshness of products during transportation.

    Transportation of industrial goods

    Transportation of machines, equipment, building materials, metal or chemicals – this task is carried out using special equipment. We cooperate with leading manufacturing enterprises, offering a comprehensive approach and rational solutions.

    Consolidated loads

    Assembly of several small shipments to achieve cost-effective transportation. This is the optimal solution for small and medium volumes of cargo, which can be combined to optimize delivery, which significantly reduces the cost of the sender.

    Apartment and office moves

    Comprehensive movement of furniture, things and equipment along the Kyiv-Dnipro route. An experienced team will help with loading and unloading, as well as ensure the safety and security of transported goods throughout the entire period of the move.

    Freight transportation between Kyiv and Dnipro: the role of logistics solutions

    The cost directly depends on competent planning and accounting of all factors that can affect speed and additional costs. Competent transport logistics will allow:

    • optimize the route;
    • choose the appropriate mode of transport;
    • calculate the optimal delivery time;
    • ensure the safety of cargo in transit.

    Transport company UA-Forwarding – this is an experienced team that will think through a detailed plan, down to the smallest subtleties and nuances. This will be a guarantee that Dnipro-Kyiv freight transportation will be carried out exactly in accordance with the stated terms.

    Cargo transportation Kyiv Dnipro: difficulties that arise

    This route ensures the supply of goods and cargo between two large cities that are strategically important for the country’s economy and industry. But certain difficulties may arise during the transportation of goods:

    • Traffic and traffic jams – optimal planning of routes and delivery times helps to avoid delays. The use of special traffic monitoring systems and modern navigation devices allows you to choose the freest roads and avoid traffic jams.
    • Management of various types of cargo – specialists think over the format of cooperation with each client in order to offer safe packaging, processing and transportation along the Dnipro-Kyiv route in accordance with the characteristics of the product.
    • Permit and accompanying papers – for certain types of cargo, a complete package of documents will be prepared in accordance with the current requirements of the law. Insurance is mandatory, as well as weight control of the shipment.

    Professional logistics operators provide services for planning and optimizing routes, which ensures timely delivery of goods and minimizes the risk of delays even against the background of bad weather conditions or other factors.

    What kind of transport is used to transport cargo from Kyiv to Dnipro?

    The company’s fleet includes various types of transport, which allows you to find relevant solutions for each client:

    • 2-ton trucks – 18 m3 (up to 5 pallets);
    • 5-ton trucks – 40 m3 (up to 16 pallets);
    • 10-ton trucks – 60 m3 (up to 20 pallets);
    • 20-ton trucks – 86 m3 (up to 33 pallets).

    Available special transport: grain trucks, tow trucks, as well as trawlers with a carrying capacity of up to 100 tons, equipped with a telescopic platform.

    Affordable terms of cargo transportation Kyiv Dnipro from the company YuA Forwarding

    Choosing the optimal mode of transport depends on the characteristics of the cargo, delivery terms and the client’s budget. An experienced team will select the optimal solution for each specific task, which will ensure reliable and efficient cargo transportation along the Kyiv-Dnipro route.

    UA Forwarding – this is flexibility and convenience of delivery, and most importantly favorable terms of cooperation and confidence in the result.