International Shipment Ukraine-Bulgaria

Ukrainian carrier exporting and importing your goods in the countries of the EU and Middle East: Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan

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What we can help you with


Commercial goods

Handling shipments starting with pallet up to 22 tones to most common destinations: Poland, Germany, Italy, Hungury, Chech Republic, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Georgia, Turkey.



Order door to door delivery of one pallet from €350, or a full truckload of 33 pallets at flexible fares.


Turn-key delivery

Professional brokerage services Providing both delivery and custom clearance on all territory of Ukraine and Europe.



Our specialist always ready to help and make you prepared for succesfull delivery. You can expect support on the every step from sender to consignee.

How to start

Clarify the details, to get an offer on
cooperation in the field of international


What is next

Let us know the following:

  • nature of the goods, number of packages, gross weight, volume
  • destination (we do NOT deliver to Russia, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tadzhikistan (another continents as well)
  • custom details
  • date of taking over the goods
  • Contact our specialist for getting an offer on international delivery.


    Fares on international delivery:

  • one pallet - from 250€
  • per km:

  • up to 2 tones - from 0,40 €/km
  • up to 22 tones - from 1 €/km
  • Could not find particular fare? Contact us for details.

    Rules and payment

    Cooperation is regulated by contract. We suggest making an order on international transportations of cargoes before 2-3 days before dispatching.

    Payment date – freight arrival to the custom for clearance.

    Any other rules and details you can find in contract draft by the link.

    Fleet and fares

    2.5 tones

    • LхWхH: 4,2х2х2 m
    • 5 pallets, 18 m3
    • tent, van, open-top, fridge

    5 tones

    • LхWхH: 6,5х2,45х2,6 m
    • 16 pallets, 40 m3
    • tent, container, tail lift, fridge

    10 tones

    • LхWхH: 8х2,45х2,7 m
    • 20 pallets 60 m3
    • tent, container, tail lift, fridge

    22 tones

    • LхWхH: 13,6х2,45х2,8 m
    • 33 pallets 86 m3
    • tent, container, fridge, mega-truck

    Insurance and responsibility

    We are material responsible for all cargoes according to the contract for transport services. In addition, we issue insurance on your demand for domestic transportation or international routes.

    Freight transportation between neighboring countries is the key to strengthening economic ties. Thanks to its flexibility and efficiency, truck delivery to Bulgaria for a distance of 1,226 kilometers is an indispensable tool for business, which ensures fast, affordable shipment of industrial, food, pharmaceutical and other cargoes. The method of transportation differs in its adaptability to the specific needs of customers. This makes it a sought-after solution for many industries.

    Full service of freight transportation in the Ukraine-Bulgaria direction

    UA-Forwarding specializes in international truck deliveries, offering complex logistics solutions.

    We use new methods to optimize logistics and monitor shipments.

    • We develop personalized routes.
    • We offer customs clearance.
    • We insure all cargoes, ensuring their safety.
    • We guarantee timely delivery.

    Thanks to close cooperation with customs authorities, we minimize the risks of delays. Our logisticians use integrated management systems, guaranteeing transparency, prompt response to changes. This ensures the reliability of services, supporting uninterrupted trade, as well as economic interaction between countries.

    Ukraine Bulgaria: the company’s fleet

    The efficiency and reliability of shipment delivery on European roads largely depends on the quality of the vehicles used. Our professional transport company pays close attention to the selection of a fleet depending on the tasks and volumes of transportation.

    UA-Forwarding has at its disposal a modern fleet of trucks and vans of the leading European manufacturers — Mercedes and DAF. These machines have proven themselves:

    • reliability,
    • economy,
    • functionality.

    The company’s fleet includes compact delivery vans with a carrying capacity of up to 2 tons, as well as heavy-duty vehicles for large international transportation weighing up to 22 tons.

    Such a model range is an opportunity to quickly choose an option for a specific order, to quickly deliver various goods/property to Bulgaria and Ukraine.

    Let’s consider in more detail the main characteristics and advantages of using the following models of trucks in our fleet in logistics.

    1. Mercedes minibuses with a carrying capacity of up to 2 tons are compact in size with a capacity of up to 18 cubic meters. This allows you to efficiently transport small batches of goods.
    2. Mercedes trucks with a carrying capacity of 5 tons hold up to 40 cubic meters and can transport medium-sized consignments of goods in long-distance logistics schemes.
    3. DAF vans — 10 tons are designed for highway transportation of large consignments weighing up to 20 tons.
    4. DAF trucks with 22 tons of gross weight are heavy-duty vehicles for multimodal logistics schemes with a capacity of more than 80 cubic meters.

    Advantages of the route from Ukraine to Bulgaria

    Taking into account the favorable geographical location and developed transport infrastructure, the Ukraine-Bulgaria cargo transportation direction is promising and in high demand.

    The route runs along smooth European tracks of high quality, which ensures high speed, comfort, and safety.

    There are no serious natural obstacles in the way of cargo transportation from Ukraine to Bulgaria (such as highlands or large waterways that complicate movement).

    The rectilinear configuration of the path allows you to maintain a rational traffic schedule and avoid traffic jams.

    It is also important that the delivery of cargo to Bulgaria takes place exclusively through the territory of the European Union, which simplifies customs formalities.

    Both countries also have a developed border infrastructure, experience in organizing international road transport.

    The Ukraine-Bulgaria logistics corridor is characterized by convenience, speed, profitability of cargo flows, and an interesting cost of service.

    Also among the advantages of our company is a large list of transported goods. Among the goods that are often transported along the Bulgaria-Ukraine cargo delivery route are textile products, from fabrics and bed linen to ready-made clothes and shoes. We also regularly transport perfume and cosmetic products, household chemicals, and personal hygiene products.

    We carry out freight transportation for clients Bulgaria Ukraine: medical equipment, pharmaceuticals. We transport electronics, household appliances, components, industrial equipment and much more.

    With us, your cargo transportation from Bulgaria to Ukraine will become easier and faster!

    Where is it profitable to order international cargo transportation from Ukraine to Bulgaria

    Order logistics at UA-Forwarding. Find out details on our website. Ask our consultants questions. Calculate the price, place an order. Transport goods quickly!