International Shipment Italy - Ukraine

Ukrainian carrier exporting and importing your goods in the countries of the EU and Middle East: Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan

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What we can help you with


Commercial goods

Handling shipments starting with pallet up to 22 tones to most common destinations: Poland, Germany, Italy, Hungury, Chech Republic, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Georgia, Turkey.



Order door to door delivery of one pallet from €350, or a full truckload of 33 pallets at flexible fares.


Turn-key delivery

Professional brokerage services Providing both delivery and custom clearance on all territory of Ukraine and Europe.



Our specialist always ready to help and make you prepared for succesfull delivery. You can expect support on the every step from sender to consignee.

How to start

Clarify the details, to get an offer on
cooperation in the field of international


What is next

Let us know the following:

  • nature of the goods, number of packages, gross weight, volume
  • destination (we do NOT deliver to Russia, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tadzhikistan (another continents as well)
  • custom details
  • date of taking over the goods
  • Contact our specialist for getting an offer on international delivery.


    Fares on international delivery:

  • one pallet - from 250€
  • per km:

  • up to 2 tones - from 0,40 €/km
  • up to 22 tones - from 1 €/km
  • Could not find particular fare? Contact us for details.

    Rules and payment

    Cooperation is regulated by contract. We suggest making an order on international transportations of cargoes before 2-3 days before dispatching.

    Payment date – freight arrival to the custom for clearance.

    Any other rules and details you can find in contract draft by the link.

    Fleet and fares

    2.5 tones

    • LхWхH: 4,2х2х2 m
    • 5 pallets, 18 m3
    • tent, van, open-top, fridge

    5 tones

    • LхWхH: 6,5х2,45х2,6 m
    • 16 pallets, 40 m3
    • tent, container, tail lift, fridge

    10 tones

    • LхWхH: 8х2,45х2,7 m
    • 20 pallets 60 m3
    • tent, container, tail lift, fridge

    22 tones

    • LхWхH: 13,6х2,45х2,8 m
    • 33 pallets 86 m3
    • tent, container, fridge, mega-truck

    Insurance and responsibility

    We are material responsible for all cargoes according to the contract for transport services. In addition, we issue insurance on your demand for domestic transportation or international routes.

    International shipments require a high level of professionalism and a comprehensive approach. In order to deliver goods via the Ukraine-Italy route, you need competent logistics, as well as knowledge of all the intricacies of customs clearance in both countries. And by entrusting commercial cargo to the team of the UA-Forwarding transport company, the customer gets 100% confidence in the result.

    Full service of freight transportation in the direction of Ukraine Italy

    The first and at the same time key stage is the discussion of all the conditions of the future trip. The managers will answer all questions in detail and tell you in detail about the organization of the process. After agreeing on the requirements, terms and budget, the search for a suitable vehicle will be launched, which will be sent on the Italy-Ukraine route. Other services will be provided as part of cooperation:

    • Broker help. Effective overcoming of any customs barriers, as well as preparation of necessary documents in accordance with current rules and regulations.
    • Insurance. The road is unpredictable, therefore Italy-Ukraine cargo transportation will be necessarily insured, which is included in the basic package of services. This reduces possible risks and also eliminates unforeseen costs.
    • Continuous monitoring. Real-time tracking of the machine allows you to provide reliable information about the current location of the goods upon request, as well as more accurately predict the final arrival time to the recipient.

    When ordering transportation from Ukraine to Italy, each customer receives a personal manager who is always in touch and provides professional support. This eliminates additional worries and worries, as well as provides confidence in the preservation of the goods being transported.

    Advantages of freight transportation to Italy from Ukraine

    Taking business to a new level with the expansion of the sales market, as well as the strengthening of positions in Europe, opens up excellent prospects for companies. Fast exchange of goods allows you to establish uninterrupted supply of goods, raw materials, industrial units or transportation of other categories of goods. International transportation between Ukraine and Italy is in demand for a number of reasons:

    • Developed infrastructure. A large network of high-quality routes allows you to choose fast and safe routes to minimize fuel costs and at the same time reduce the time the car is on the road.
    • Variety of trading opportunities. Machines of different load capacities. It is possible to send both collective cargo and book transport for a certain product category, which allows you to transport various types of products on the Italy-Ukraine route.
    • Convenient geographical location. Established connections in the center of Europe simplify further supplies to other EU countries, which contributes to expanding the logical network and increasing the speed of supplies.

    Italian products mean good quality and compliance with the highest standards established at the state level. It is only necessary to order international transportation of current categories of goods that will be needed on the Ukrainian market, which will pay off all investments.

    Factors in the formation of the cost of freight transportation from Ukraine to Italy

    The final price is affected by a number of conditions, so the final amount will be calculated according to the price after agreeing on the details of the future cooperation. It will be taken into account:

    • Mileage. It is necessary to calculate the length of the track between the point of departure and the place of delivery on the route Ukraine Italy. The distance is about 2,500 km, but the further the points are from each other, the higher the fuel costs, wear and tear of the vehicle and the driver’s wages.
    • Cargo type and volume. Key factors in the choice of transport, and accordingly, the formation of an estimate. Some types of products require special packaging and compliance with specified temperature conditions. The diversity of the fleet allows us to organize transportation from Italy to Ukraine with the maximum benefit for the customer.
    • Additional Services. The list of costs should include customs duties, the work of brokers, as well as the preparation of a set of papers, including bills of lading, invoices and declarations.

    To get a preliminary calculation, you need to provide the managers with detailed information about the cargo, as well as voice the main requirements. This will make it possible to form a personal offer, within which cargo transportation Ukraine Italy will be as profitable as possible.

    Order the delivery of goods to Ukraine and Italy at the UA-Forwarding company

    Adaptability and professionalism are a guarantee of success in the chosen field. This allows you to act quickly and harmoniously: the car will leave shortly after the receipt and confirmation of the application. And most importantly, it is possible to ensure the successful crossing of the border and the preservation of cargo on all sections of the Italy-Ukraine road. Transportation by freight transport with a capacity of 2 to 20 tons is the most profitable and rational solution for all product categories.