Delivery of goods on all the territory of Ukraine. Consolidated. D2D

What we can help you with

Trucks with carrying capacity from 2 to 22 tons
Our logisticians have varied types of trucks to manage your orders. It helps us offering you better price since we provide you a proper truck.
Oversized freights, ADR, pereshable goods
We have solutions for transporting oversized freights and freights which need refrigarator or permissions.
Movers and packaging
Our partners can help you with loading and packaging if you don`t have warehouse staff.
Special equipment rental
If you don`t have your own equipment we provide hourly rental of truck crane.

How to start
Clarify the details, to get an offer on cooperation in the field of regional delivery.
What is next
Let us know the following:
  • nature of the goods, number of packages, gross weight, volume
  • destination
  • date of taking over the goods
  • added servises
Contact our specialist for getting an offer on delivery
Fares per km
  • up to 2t - from 9 ₴/km
  • up to 6t - від 13 ₴/km
  • up to 10t - від 17 ₴/km
  • up to 22t - від 20 ₴/km
  • one pallet place - from 1200 ₴
Truck sizes by the link.

Could not find particular fare? Contact us for details.
Rules and payment
Cooperation is regulated by contract. We suggest making an order on international transportations of cargoes the day before dispatching.
Payment time - before unloading.
Any other rules and details you can find in contract draft by the link.
Feel free to contact us. We enjoy comunicating with our customers.
H. Toropovskoho st. 2, Kyiv, 02100