Oversized transportation

Transportation of cargo with oversized parameters or weight across Ukraine by any routes with arbitrary documentation

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Low frame and telescopic platforms

We provide trawls for the transportation of harvesters, harvesters, excavators, tractors, cranes, quarry equipment and other oversized cargo. Our specialists in oversized transportation know all the necessary details.


Self drive and winch

For transportation of self-propelled equipment, we use platforms with rear or front self-driving. Wheeled machinery is loaded with a winch when it is not in motion. Therefore, you do not need to rent a crane for transportation.


Permissive documentation and support

For cargoes more than 2.6 m wide, 4 m high and 22 m long, we issue a special permit from Ukrtransbezpeka. Delivery time is 3-4 days.


Rental of special equipment

If you do not have your own warehouse equipment, hourly truck crane or manipulator rental is offered, the price of which is the best in the region.

How to start

Clarify the details, to get an offer on
cooperation in the field of oversized transportation.


What is needed

Decide on the following parameters:

  • cargo characteristics (weight, volume, dimensions)
  • when transporting self-propelled equipment, specify the make and model
  • route
  • the date of shipment and the required terms of cargo delivery
  • whether additional services are required
  • Contact our logisticians to receive an offer for cargo transportation.


    We offer prices for incidental transportation of oversized cargo from UAH 40/km.
    On routes up to 200 km, the calculation is made for the empty mileage of the car in the reverse direction.
    The cost of renting a car crane from UAH 3,000 for 4 hours of work.
    (ATTENTION! Due to the instability of the market during military operations, prices are constantly revised and may vary depending on the direction).

    Didn't find the required tariff? Call us to find out.

    Terms of work and payment

    Cooperation is carried out on the basis of concluding an agreement or contract-order. It is advisable to order transportation of oversized cargo in Ukraine 1-2 days before shipment.

    We offer any forms of payment, including with VAT. Payment for delivery is made before the car is unloaded. With regular customers, a payment delay is possible. To issue a permit or book a car, the logistician may request a partial subscription. If the order is canceled due to the client's fault, the subscription fee is not refunded.

    Contract template and order for link.

    Insurance and responsibility

    We are material responsible for all cargoes according to the contract for transport services. In addition, we issue insurance on your demand for domestic transportation or international routes.

    If there is a need to transport objects of non-standard sizes, a separate approach is required. We will talk about the transportation of oversized cargo. Despite the specificity of the service, the demand for it remains at a consistently high level. Using a car opens up wider opportunities for transportation than other types of transport. How to organize the movement of cargo of non-standard parameters.

    Oversized cargo – that pertains to it

    First of all, it is necessary to find out what oversized cargo is – what does it refer to? This term defines an object, the physical characteristics of which go beyond the technical requirements established by the traffic regulations. We are talking not only about the dimensions of the transport, but also about its weight. Even with small sizes, but an excess of mass, there are restrictions.

    Criteria for classifying cargo as oversized:

    1. The length is more than 22 m for a road train, and 12 m – for a single-type vehicle.
    2. The width of the object exceeds 2.6 m.
    3. The height from the road surface to the highest point is more than 4 m.
    4. The weight limit for public roads is 40 tons. For container transportation – 46 vols.

    If the object exceeds the specified parameters, special transport, special conditions of transportation, other logistics are required.

    Oversized cargo needs to be transported – which refers to it:

    • construction equipment.
    • metal structures.
    • special equipment.
    • industrial, road equipment – excavators, cranes.
    • ground, water transport.
    • agricultural machinery – tractors, combines.
    • drilling rigs.
    • cisterns.

    Transportation of oversized cargo across Ukraine

    Truck transportation of objects of non-standard size requires not only special transport and compliance with instructions for safe transportation. Oversized cargo can be transported only with a special permit from the Ministry of Transport.

    If there is a need for oversized cargo transportation, contact the logistics company UA-Forwarding. We provide services for moving orders of non-standard sizes and weighing up to 100 tons. Transportation of oversized cargo across Ukraine and beyond is one of the leading directions of our activity. You can order the transportation of construction or agricultural equipment, machines, bulk materials, and fuel. The high qualification of employees and experience in this segment allows to avoid the risks of emergency situations. Goods are delivered in accordance with current legislation. In integrity and on time.

    Special equipment is used to organize safe and high-quality transportation:

      1. They trawled. The presence of a telescopic platform simplifies the process of loading and unloading objects. Designed for special equipment and industrial equipment.

    Tow trucks. Used for wheeled transport, trailers with equipment.

    • Grain trucks – for moving bulk cargo (building materials, grains, soil, seeds).


    Oversized transportation – how they are made and where to order

    Planning oversized transportation – how are they performed and where can I order the service? If you need to transport non-standard cargo, contact UA-Forwarding. The experience and qualifications of specialists will make cooperation productive and pleasant. The cargo will reach its destination according to the agreed schedule. Cooperation consists of the following steps:

    1. Preparation of transport logistics. Development of the route taking into account the specifics of the infrastructure, road surface and road traffic.
    2. Analysis of loading and unloading points of the object.
    3. Choosing a vehicle that is best suited for a specific type of cargo. The category of transport affects the cost.
    4. Coordinating the work plan.
    5. Obtaining the necessary documents for accompanying the cargo (transportation permits).
    6. Expediting escort of cargo along the entire route.
    7. Operational monitoring of each stage of transportation.

    For each customer, we select the optimal transportation option, taking into account the price and terms. We guarantee the integrity of the cargo.

    Prices for transportation of oversized cargo

    The question of cost is one of the most relevant for almost any service. Prices for transportation of oversized cargo depends on the following factors:

    The distance to which the oversized item needs to be transported.

    1. Object parameters – weight, overall dimensions.
    2. The type of equipment that will be used for transportation. Its carrying capacity.
    3. Delivery terms – operative or standard order.
    4. Organization of additional support.
    5. Involvement of workers engaged in contact and cable networks (if the height exceeds 4.5 m).